Charlotte, Eve, Lily & Thunder | A Session Filled With Laughs & a Splash of Chaos

There's something incredibly special about capturing the essence of childhood and the bond between young riders and their first pony. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte, Eve, and Lily with their favourite pony, Thunder, in a magical session.

Thunder, the pony, is an absolute gem. With a gentle and patient demeanour, he has been the first riding companion for all three girls. It's no surprise that they adore him - he truly is the best pony. Seeing their eyes light up as they interacted with him was a heartwarming sight that made the session even more memorable.

To capture the genuine joy and chaos of the moment, we turned the photoshoot into a game. The girls were encouraged to play and interact with Thunder as they usually would while I captured candid moments from a distance. There were giggles, running around, and even a few playful tugs on Thunder's mane. The result was a collection of photos that truly reflected the girls' personalities and special bond with Thunder. From quiet moments of connection to bursts of laughter, every image was different and unique.

Charlotte, Eve, and Lily's session with Thunder reminded us of the simple joys in life and the importance of cherishing the moments that make us smile. It was so fun to capture these memories for them, and I hope these photos will be cherished for years.

Enjoy the Scroll!