Emily & Sammy | An Adorable Golden Hour Equine Session

I'm about to take you on a wild ride through one of my recent photoshoots with Emily and her pony, Sammy. Trust me; you won't want to miss this adorable duo and their antics!

Emily and Sammy are quite the dynamic duo. Emily's radiant smile and Sammy's mischievous charm make them a perfect pair. From the get-go, I could tell this shoot would be one for the books.

Emily brought not one but two outfits to the shoot! It allowed us to create multiple looks within the session, showcasing different sides of Emily's personality while complementing Sammy's undeniable cuteness.

Nature had a surprise for us that day—a golden hour that could make anyone's heart skip a beat. The sky was painted in bright shades, setting the stage for some epic shots. But, as they say, good things never last long. The sun dipped below the horizon faster than I had ever seen. We ended up taking the last few shots in the dark!!

Now, let's talk about Sammy. He's not your typical pony. His primary mission during the shoot? To eat as much grass as possible; seriously, this pony was all about that grass life! It felt like we were racing against time and Sammy's appetite.

We couldn't just ignore Sammy's hunger. So, we worked around it. Emily, the true MVP, gently guided Sammy into position while he munched away. It was a sight to behold, the two of them working together in perfect harmony, even if Sammy's heart was set on that patch of grass.

The final shots captured the essence of Emily and Sammy's bond. The outfit changes added a dash of variety, and that spectacular golden hour provided the most dreamy backdrop for our photos.

This shoot was a rollercoaster of challenges and rewards. It was fun, it was wild, and it was heartwarming. I'm just grateful I got to be part of it.

Enjoy the scroll of Emily & Sammy's adventure!