Fall Winds and Reminiscing: Kate and Juicy's End of Fall Session at Carlton Hill Stable

I have never been speechless editing my own work until this session… Whenever I shoot I have a vision in my head of what I want the image to look like based on the lighting and location I'm in. I sometimes have to problem solve in the moment and make small tweaks until I get the image in my head to match what I see in the view finder and I instantly fall in love right there and then. This was a bit different. The process was the same but when I came home and saw the images on my computer I realized the emotions I saw in my head and in my view finder wasn't as powerful as what I had actually captured. I was stunned in the best way possible. These two have something so special and it's crazy to me how what I thought in the moment was good was actually even better after the fact.

Kate and I share a history that spans back to childhood. I have known her since I was eight and considered her family. I have many stories from our days, especially at Touch N Go Farm. From the time Kate and I went hacking at Mountsberg with Granny and Sebastian, St. Patrick's day Pony parades, Kate letting me ride a very cool jumper horse named Muffy even though I was very much too small for her, and the story goes on and on. When Kate asked me to take pictures of her and the legendary Juicy, I was beyond excited to not only see her again but also see Juicy. 

Juicy, the star of the show. I have loved Juicy for as long as Kate has had him. He has a million nicknames, describing his quirky and humorous demeanour perfectly. It's funny; after all these years, during this session, I heard the story of how Juicy became a part of Kate's life. I knew he was Kate's forever guy, but the story made it much more evident. Their bond spoke volumes, and it was a privilege to hear how such a strong connection between a rider can grow over the years. 

The weather on the day of our shoot was far from ideal - dark and windy. However, this didn't stop us. If anything, it added a touch of drama to the photos. Juicy remained unfazed by the elements, behaving like an absolute angel. A few circles here and there, but he was more than perfect. My favourite part about Juicy is his smile. Horses are known for their expressive faces, but Juicy took it to another level. Capturing a horse with such a charming grin is rare and hilarious, turning a simple photoshoot into a memorable adventure.

The end-of-fall session at Carlton Hill Stable with Kate and Juicy was more than just a photoshoot; it celebrated their connection. Juicy's unique personality and the challenging weather added layers to the story we captured. I loved going down memory lane with Kate and learning more about her and Juicy's story.