Capturing Fall Bliss and Reconnecting: Lesley and Rio's Autumn Session at Stonehill Farm

In photography, every session tells a unique story, and recently, I had the pleasure of capturing the fall magic between Lesley and Rio. Our history goes back to the barn where we first met, a place that holds memories of friendship, horsemanship, and so much more. But today, the spotlight is on Rio, a horse whose journey I've had the privilege to witness and document.

Lesley and I first crossed paths at the barn where I currently ride. There, I had the joy of riding Jesse, Lesley's first horse. Jesse embodied sweetness and forgiveness and was a horse you could just get on, and you knew it would be an incredible ride. Little did I know, Lesley's equestrian story was about to take an exciting turn with Rio.

When Cedar Lane purchased Rio, I had the opportunity to ride him and instantly fell in love. Rio wasn't just any horse; he became my partner in crime and helped skyrocket my progress as a rider. He was the first horse that allowed me to jump higher than ever before, and through him, I learned invaluable lessons. As the years unfolded, Lesley entered Rio's world, and their bond was unbreakable. Lesley didn't take long to become Rio's forever person, a match made in heaven.

Fast forward to the present. Rio now lives at the stunning Stonehill Farm in Milton. This private boarding facility is breathtaking and focuses in on the equine partnership. Driving past it used to leave my jaw dropping at the sheer beauty of the building's exterior. And that's just the beginning. Stonehill Farm isn't just a boarding facility; it's a haven for equestrians seeking beauty and functionality. The facility boasts a stunning trail that winds its way around the property, providing a perfect setting for riders to hack and connect with nature. The blend of charm and modern amenities creates an ideal environment for both horse and rider.

As Lesley and Rio embarked on their fall session, nature added its touch to the canvas. The leaves, adorned in the most stunning shade of yellow, created a scene that perfectly complemented the duo. Not too vibrant, but just enough to cast a warm glow on the surroundings, the fall foliage enhanced the beauty of the session.

At the end of our session, Lesley suggested I hop on Rio for a bit. I won't lie; I might have been a bit out of shape, but Rio didn't seem to mind one bit. Getting on him felt like coming home. Despite my lack of saddle time in the last year, Rio definitely could tell and took his babysitting duty seriously. I swear he could sense my excitement and nervousness all at once. It was a short ride, but it brought back so much joy of being in the saddle. Lesley's gesture and Rio's easygoing nature turned the end of the session into an unexpected highlight, making me realize that sometimes the best moments are unplanned. 

Lesley and Rio's fall session was more than just a photo shoot; it celebrated a bond forged over years of shared experiences and growth. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Stonehill Farm and the autumn leaves, I had the best time capturing moments for these two!