A Chilly Adventure: Lucy & Paris's Winter Mini Session at Cedar Lane Stables

Winter equine sessions hold a special place in my heart. They are unique; not only do some people do them. The skies are epic, and the snow creates an element of magic. 

Lucy and Paris braved the cold with me and took on a very adorable mini-session. When our session started, the sky was painted in hues of blue and purple, which is exactly what I mean when I say epic winter skies. We braved the hayfield first, where the winds were danced. Lucy and Paris, undeterred by the chill in the air, embraced the elements as we started shooting with the open skies and fields. Next, we headed into the barn for a warmer feel. We took advantage of the warmth to grab a few shots of the two and give Paris a snack break. Finally, we headed out one last time to head to the iconic spot on Cedar Lane's property, the laneway. 

Paris and Lucy make the sweetest team; you can tell they have a lot coming in the future. Paris is such a cute pony with a heart of gold and a personality that would make anyone's day. Lucy's outfit choice was also perfect for the day. A blue coat vibrant in colour and blue jeans to match. The blue and chestnut tones of Paris are everything I love in complementary colours. 

So here's to Lucy and Paris and the countless adventures that await. Enjoy the scroll of their mini-session.