The Forshaw Family: A Cozy Winter Family Session at Parkhill Studios in Cambridge, ON.

The Forshaw family's session at Parkhill Studios in Cambridge, Ontario, captured the essence of their growing family. Case in Parkhill studio became our rainy-day refuge, with its happy atmosphere and snug setting – seriously, it felt like a home away from home.

Parkhill Studios proved to be an ideal sanctuary from the rainy winter elements. The studio's ambiance exuded tranquillity, with its white walls and warm accents seamlessly blended to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. The space felt like a second home, making it an ideal setting for capturing precious family memories.

At three months old, Fergus, the newest addition to the Forshaw family, took center stage during the session. His vibrant personality shone through, bringing joy to the family's session. One amusing highlight of the day was the running joke that Fergus resembled a little Grandpa – a testament to his unique and endearing qualities.

The connection between the Forshaw family started with Alexis and my shared love for horses, blossoming into a lasting bond over the years. As fate would have it, Scott entered her life, leading to a beautiful journey. I had the privilege of capturing their engagement photos a few years ago, and now, I have documented the growth of their family.

The Forshaw fam's winter adventure at Parkhill Studios was all about family, laughs, and the warmth that comes with it. Fergus played the role of the little Grandpa like a pro, and Parkhill Studios provided the laid-back backdrop for these unforgettable moments. Cheers to the Forshaw family for giving us a peek into their world, filled with love, laughter, and cozy vibes.