I don’t know about you but I LOVE photoshoot locations that showcase our city and the incredible history it has to offer. Not only are these spots meaningful but they offer unmatched variety for your photoshoot dreams. As a Kitchener - Waterloo based wedding and engagement photographer, I'd love to share some of these local spots that are bursting with history, stories, character and possibilities.

Mill Race Park

Mill Race Park is a stunning historical spot located in Cambridge, Ontario. With surrounding architecture, views to the water and nooks of stunning trees this spot is perfect for capturing your love story! Did I mention the lighting in this location is beyond dreamy? Mill Race Park's history and importance in our community stems from its use for concerts within the stone amphitheater as well as the showcases of the original excavated canal that powered the mill back in the day.

Facts about this spot:

Across the street from the Cambridge Mill and other local restaurants. Perfect for pre or post session dinners :)

Free 1 hour parking

Everything is fairly close together but there are some stairs.

Very crowded location in the summer.

Snyders Flats

Snyders Flats is a breathtaking spot located within the Woolwich Township of Ontario. With beautiful nature at every turn this spots has everything an adventurous couple needs to thrive. My personal favourite features of this spot are the shallow water pockets perfect for you to splash around in as well as the large open spaces of grasslands with stunning 360 degree views. Snyders Flats was formally a gravel pit that was then transformed into a natural area with ponds, forests, grasslands, and so much more!

Facts about this spot:

Very limited parking.

Lots of walking so ensure you bring along your comfy shoes to change into.

Huron Natural Area

Huron Natural Area is one of Kitchener's biggest natural spaces bursting with charm, character, and history. With wetlands, hiking trails and 250 acres of protected forests this spot is perfect for creating and capturing memories. The goal of preservation for wildlife, the history of Indigenous communities and their arts/culture is the heart of this location making it even more unique and special. I might be biased because I spent my entire childhood here but there is always something new to discover and learn when visiting Huron Natural Area.

Facts about this spot:

Has evidence of Indigenous settlement dating back hundreds of years.

Opportunity to see some very incredible wildlife species.

It has a natural playground.

Lots of walking so ensure you bring along your comfy shoes to change into.

Washrooms are available beside the parking lot.

Very crowded location on weekends and sunny days all year round.

Victoria Park

The Victoria Park is Kitchener's oldest park and opened in 1896 so it has some stories to come along with it. This location has it all. Incredible views of the Victoria Park Lake, the original stunning flowers beds that the city plants and maintains in the spring/summer months, as well as the original iron bridge. This location is also home to The Victoria Park Pavilion which was built in the 1920s. Victoria Park is definitely a staple spot if you are looking for charm, natural elements and history!

Facts about this spot:

Has a number of stunning bridges.

Everything is fairly close together in terms of distance.

Very crowded location on weekends and summer days.


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