Let's dive into Nate and Den's heartwarming wedding day at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. From a cross-continental love story to an intimate family-oriented celebration, this couple's special day was magical. So buckle up, and let's get into all the details.

Nate and Den's love story kicked off online. They instantly became friends, and a few months later, sparks flew. Video calls, long flights, and countless adventures across the ocean later, they knew they were meant to be. 

With just 22 of their nearest and dearest by their side, they ensured their special day was about love, family, and the people who mean the world to them. 

Why settle for an ordinary wedding venue when you can have a dreamy butterfly conservatory?! Nate and Den's love for nature and each other made the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory the apparent choice. They fell head over heels for this place during one of their early dates, and the thought of getting married amidst fluttering butterflies and colourful blooms just made their hearts soar.

The big day started with Den getting her ready, surrounded by her family: laughter, nerves, and excitement set the mood for the adventure ahead. And let's talk about those portraits! The conservatory provided the perfect backdrop for their pre-ceremony pics, with butterflies photobombing like pros. Seriously, it was like being in a fairy tale.

Now, the ceremony itself was a dream. Picture this: a harpist playing, butterflies flying during their heartfelt vows, and the couple's first dance beneath a cascading waterfall. It was pure magic! The whole room was a puddle of mush. After saying, "I do," Nate and Den played with the butterflies, which was a total cuteness overload. Butterflies on shoulders, butterflies on fingers – they were living the dream!

In case you thought the party was over, think again! Nate and Den have more fun up their sleeves. They're planning a grand reception in the UK, where they can celebrate with family and friends from both sides of the ocean. 

Nate and Den's wedding day was everything dreams are made of – love, butterflies, and pure magic! From their transcontinental love story to their family-oriented celebration, they showed us that love knows no boundaries. The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory couldn't have fit this vibrant and colourful couple better. With their UK reception on the horizon, their love story inspires us all to believe in the power of love and adventure. Wishing Nate and Den a lifetime of butterflies in their stomachs and hearts! 

Nate & Den’s Wedding Team: 

Venue: Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory 

Florist: Bee Blooms

Hair: Keora Aveda Salon & Spa

Makeup: Pretty on me Beauty 

Music: Harpist Gracelyn 

Cake: Cakebox Canada 

Favours: Heather Sweetery 

Officiant: All Seasons Weddings 

Videography: BMann Studios 

Dress: Michelle My Belle Bridal 

Thank you to all the vendors!