Your guests mean the world to you and that's why they were invited to celebrate with you! The thoughtful touches you incorporate into your day should not only reflect your personality and style but also aim to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone present.

By keeping your guests in mind, you ensure that they feel appreciated and valued throughout the day. In this list, I will share ten ideas that you and your guests are guarenteed to love. Let's dive in!

Personalized Favours

Personalized favours for your guests that are specific to them give such a sense of appreciation. It can be as simple as a wine glass with their name on it but it will mean the world to every person.

Silent Disco

A silent disco is a fantastic idea for weddings, especially at venues with noise restrictions. Each guest receives headphones with the same music, creating a shared dance experience while maintaining a quiet environment for those without headphones. It's a fun and inclusive way to keep the party going ensuring everyone has a memorable time on the dance floor!

Interactive Guestbook

Have guests leave their messages in an interactive way. Guests love these and tend to leave some very funny notes for you!

Some ideas: Voicemail guest book, Polaroid guestbook, Paint guestbook,  Jenga blocks, Guest quilt , and so much more.

Signature Cocktails

Signature cocktails are the perfect way to incorporate something you love into the day. I have seen first hand that guests go crazy for these drinks! They are exciting, new and often the drink of choice everyone is walking around with! Have a cute sign at the bar that displays what it is and what's in it!


This may sound simple but it is truly a game changer on your day especially if you have an outdoor wedding. In the evening some guests who don't have jackets may enjoy a blanket!

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth is the perfect way to add to your day and enhance your guests experience. Guests love taking home photo strips as wedding souvenirs and you also get a copy to see what everyone came up with. You can use these images as a guest book as well!

Cocktail Hour Games

Having cocktail hour games is an amazing way to get your guests ready for the party to come! Guests get very competitive and this can be a fun opportunity for you to also join in!

Photo Dash - Table Shots

Instead of a receiving line, do

Rather than having a receiving line, you can do a photo dash at your reception! Have the DJ play your favourite song while you both run to each table for a quick, fun photo. The goal is to have all the tables captured by the time the song is over.

This is the most efficient way to get a photo with every guest!


Towers are not only a fun way to celebrate as a couple but they also allow you to celebrate with your guests. The most common is a champaign tower but I have also seen espresso towers, donut towers and even cupcake towers!


QR-Code Photo Folder

This is a perfect way to collect the photos your guests took on their phones throughout the day! I love this idea as it gives you the guests perspective from the day and they will likely share them with you anyways.

Create a cute table sign with the instructions!


If you want more tips for your wedding day, guess what? Here's a FREE guide created just for you called "Recipe To a Wedding Day Timeline". Click HERE to snag it for yourself! 

Happy Planning!